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Digital creativity blog by Flow Bohl, 9.3.2010

In this post I will not blow my own trumpet but write about great ideas of others I came accorss recently. I will be adding more over time. This shall be a collection of outstanding examples of selling ideas. Comment below if you can think of anything else worth listing here.

The competitive advantage in our industry is clearly the quality of the ideas we create... and how much PR they generate for our clients. But very often - especially when it comes to winning awards - PR for ourselves.

The Idea Shop

One of these big PR generating Ideas is certainly the 'Idea Shop'. The concept was that for three days in February '10 Ogilvy offered their services free of charge to small businesses, community projects and arts groups in London Lambeth. Just walk in and get ideas. Take-away.

Selling your soul on Ebay

A similarly clever idea was the 'job application' by a creative team from London. The two were selling their souls on Ebay. The auction is still live the moment I'm writing with a current bid of 60.100. Not such a respectable sum when you consider you can sell your soul only once in a life-time. Or can you?

Creatives on ebay

Resume of copywriter on Google maps

Copywriter Ed Hamilton pinned his resume creatively on Google maps and got hired!

copywriter on google maps

Seth Godin points out that in order to sell ideas, there needs to be someone to buy them. As he remarks 'Apple doesn't buy ideas, but they don't mind stealing them'. In a recession ideas are an expensive luxury and buyers are hard to come by.

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